About Us

ozuna bio pic About UsBorn In San Pedro, Paraguay, Chief Master Cesar Ozuna is recognized worldwide as one of the top instructors and innovators in martial arts. As the president of the Songahm Taekwondo Federation (STF) he has over 280 schools and clubs in 8 countries which train over 20,000 students.


Starting in 1969 in Asunción (the capital of Paraguay) with Mr. Myung Duk Sun, he became a 1st degree black belt. In 1976 he moved to California and trained under the now Grand Master Clint Robinson and became part of the American Taekwondo Association (ATA). During this time he was teaching and training in Taekwondo and Hap-Kido and tested for 2nd degree black belt (1976) and then 3rd degree black belt (1978) where he met Eternal Grand Master H. U. Lee. During his time in California he fought in 11 professional kickboxing fights winning 10 of them.

Competition and Coaching

After time in France, he moved back to Paraguay and was named the head coach of the Paraguay International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) team that won first place (sparring, 3rd place in forms) at the World Championships in Argentina. At this time he became a 4th degree black belt under General Choi Hong Hi of the ITF. In 1983 he was named coach of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) team of Paraguay for the World Championships in Copenhagen. All the while this was going on he was also competing in numerous types of tournaments winning 48 out of 50 of them.

Schools and Instructor Development

He is truly a worldwide innovator in martial arts. He opened his first martial arts school (an ATA-style school) in 1982. Chief Master returned to the USA in 1984 at ATA headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas to learn all the Songahm Taekwondo forms as well as have Clint Robinson visit Paraguay (he had 7 schools and 400 students in the ATA system at this time). In 1987 Grand Master H. U. Lee visited Paraguay for the first time with Senior (future Chief) Master Robert Allemier and (future Chief) Master Mal Kun Lee for the first STF camp in South America with over 100 participants and in the same year trained at the famous Korean camp at the Hae In temple.

His training and personal development continued as a 5th degree black belt in 1988, 6th degree in 1993, and became the first STF Master Instructor of South America in 1994. In 1999 he tested for 7th degree black belt and became a Senior Master Instructor the next year. In 2005 he tested for 8th degree black belt and became a Chief Master Instructor in 2006.

Now with schools in the U.S.A., Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador and Chile he continues to build high quality instructors including 15 Master Instructors, 7 Senior Master Instructors and a Chief Master Instructor. Some of his students have opened schools in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Scotland and Japan!

More Than a Martial Artist

However, Chief Master Ozuna’s experience is much more than martial arts. He has a degree in public relations from the University of Pacific in Stockton, California, a master’s degree in international business administration (MBA) and a doctorate in both finance and marketing from the prestigious Schiller College in Heidelburg, Germany. He has worked internationally in flooring, agriculture, trucking and finance but he left all of these successful businesses to focus solely on martial arts in 1993.

Expansive Martial Arts Training

Besides being internationally recognized as a Chief Master instructor in Taekwondo, he is certified in Pressure Point Control Tactics, Joint Manipulation, Ground Fighting Single And Double Sshang Jeol Bong (nunchaku), Single And Double Bahng Mahng Ee (stick), Spontaneous Knife Defense, Tai Chi And Long Staff.