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Karate For Kids In Miami, Florida

chief-master-ozuna-miami-fl-martial-arts-Karate-for-kids-martial-arts-boy-high-kick-200-0002Martial arts lessons, especially karate for kids in Miami as taught at MAS (Martial Art Systems) is a fantastic way to develop self-discipline, confidence and respect in children. The karate for kids program in Miami doesn’t only teach how to kick and punch. The karate classes will teach kids the valuable life lessons of self control and the ability to defend themselves. All of the MAS kids classes teach the attributes necessary to be a confident individual.

The Martial arts lessons for kids are taught through a top rated “Karate For Kids” program, that has been established especially for the youth within a community. Chief Master Ozuna has carefully designed the karate programs for the youth within the community- age appropriate programs that are specifically aimed at the child’s development both physically and mentally.

Adult Martial Art Classes at Martial Arts System - ATA Martial Arts

chief-master-ozuna-miami-fl-martial-arts-Mens-martial-arts-200-0012MAS Martial Arts teaches quality Martial Arts classes, The team of MAS Instructors, under the guidance of Chief Master Ozuna have created classes so that one can truly master the fine art of Martial Arts for men. MAS Instructors demonstrate the ways in which martial arts and tae kwon do can be utilized in a reality based self defense and every day life. Building self-confidence and physical fitness are just a couple of the benefits in a martial arts program designed for men.

Women Train at Miami, FL ATA Martial Arts

womens-martial-arts-miami-florida-chief-master-ozunasToday’s women are looking for a healthy and non-boring way to stay fit that breaks away from their traditional daily routine. Repeating the same exercise such as a run or bike ride everyday can contribute to a loss of motivation and is rarely goal oriented. At Martial Art Systems of Miami, women are finding the variety of goal oriented conditioning that is exciting. While the physical nature of martial arts is rewarding and encouraging, it also teaches the reality based self defense and awareness needed to survive in todays world.

Preschool Karate For Kids at MAS Martial Arts

preschool-martial-arts-miami-florida-chief-master-ozunas-boy-400Martial Arts System (MAS) is a place where Pre-school kids grow their confidence and can come to learn martial arts in a safe environment. MAS life skills taught are valuable pre-school lessons such as confidence, respect and self-discipline. The other skills the kids develop can be used outside of the class. Social skills, communication, and awareness are all highly valued traits in society and are a large part of karate..

Martial Arts System (MAS) currently maintains three schools in the Miami area. MAS provides training in many martial arts disciplines including: martial arts such as kickboxing (similar to krav maga), taekwondo, and karate. MAS teaches all ages including pre-school age children, kids, teens, adults and seniors citizens. MAS has three locations, Kendall 305-408-9996, The Falls 305-252-3141, and Bird Road 305-229-0110.

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